Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Hans Georg Bock

Address:Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR),
Heidelberg University,
INF 205,
69120 Heidelberg, Germany


0049 6221 54 14 614
Consultation hours:by appointment only

Curriculum Vitae

Date and Place of Birth:

May 9, 1948, Bottrop/Germany, German Citizen
Since 2018 Professor Emeritus, resp., Senior Professor


Professional and Scientific Career

2005 - 2017Executive Director of IWR
1993 - 2005Vice Executive Director of Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR)
Since 1991Full Professor (C4) at the IWR, University of Heidelberg
1988 - 1991Full Professor (C3) for Applied Mathematics, University of Augsburg
1987 - 1988Visiting Professor for Numerical Mathematics, University of Heidelberg
1986Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, University of Bonn


Initiation and Coordination of Large Collaborative Research Projects

Since 2017Co-Initiator and Vice Chairman ”Scientific Computing Sustainable Software Collaboratory (SCSC)”, Heidelberg, funded by Carl-Zeiss-Foundation
2015 – 2023Coordinator, Co-Initiator and PI “Scientific Computing for the Improved Diagnosis and Therapy of Sepsis (SCIDATOS)”, Heidelberg-Mannheim, funded by Klaus-Tschira-Foundation
2007 - 2011Initiator and Founding Director, Heidelberg Graduate School of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences – HGS MathComp (GSC 220), Vice Director 2011 – 2018
2001- 2010Co-Chairman (with M. Niezgodka), International Research Training Program "Complex Processes: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization", Heidelberg- Warsaw (RTG 710), DFG funded
Since 1999Head, Steinbeis Technology Transfer Center "Simulation and Optimization"
1994 - 2000Co-Initiator (with M. Grötschel, W. Römisch) and PI, National Collaborative Research Program “Real-Time Optimization of Large Scale Systems", DFG funded
1993 - 2001Chairman, Research Training Program "Modeling and Scientific Computing in Mathematics and the Sciences", Heidelberg (RTG 13), DFG funded
1991 - 2004Co-Initiator and Project Leader, Collaborative Research Center "Reactive Flow, Diffusion and Transport" (SFB 359), Heidelberg, DFG funded


Services for the Scientific Community

Since 2018Member, International Science Council, RUDN University, Moscow, Russia
Since 2011Co-Founder and Chairman, national strategic “Committee for Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization (KoMSO)”, German node within the European Mathematics in Industry network EU-MATHS-IN, since 2021 Vice Chairman
2008 - 2017Chairman, Program Panel “Mathematics for Innovations in Industry” of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)
2006 - 2012Member of the Strategy Committee for the University of Heidelberg’s proposal “Institutional Strategy: Realizing the Potential of a Comprehensive University” that won Heidelberg the status of University of Excellence in the German Excellence Initiative
2002 - 2010CDC-EMS “Committee for Developing Countries” of the European Mathematical Society
1995 - 2006Co-Chairman, "Association for Mathematics in Industry and Research"
Memberships in Scientific Advisory Boards. e.g., of University Projects (TU Dortmund: Research Network “Modeling and Simulation”, Warsaw University: MAMBA Center of Excellence "Multi-Scale Bio-Molecular Modeling, Bioinformatics and Applications", International Science Forum Heidelberg) or of Companies (TecMath GmbH, InnovationLab GmbH)


Offers, Honors and Awards

2019Elected as Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Science
2018Appointed Senior Professor of the University of Heidelberg
2012Honorary Doctorate of the Russian Academy of Science
2011ERC Advanced Investigator Grant “Optimizing Control – from a Vision to Industrial Reality”, with S. Engell (Dortmund)
2011Honorary Fellow, European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (ESCMSE)
2009Elected as Member of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
2008Medal of Honor, Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz Foundation
2004Microsoft Research Award
2003Medal of Merit, Ministry for Education and Training, Vietnam
2000Honorary Doctorate of the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology
1986GEFFRUB-Award and Heinrich Hörlein Memorial Award
1984Felix Hausdorff Memorial Award<
Offers for chairs at the Universities of Cologne (1998) and Stuttgart (1995), a Fiebiger- professorship, TU Munich (1988), none of which were taken up


Research Fields

Computational Methods for Optimization and Optimal Control of Nonlinear Large-Scale Systems and Processes, especially

  • Simultaneous, or One-Shot Methods for ODE, DAE and PDE Constrained Optimization and Optimal Control Problems, Direct Multiple Shooting and Collocation

  • Initial Value, Boundary Value und Optimization Problems for Discontinuous and Switched Dynamical Systems

  • Optimization under Uncertainty, Real-Time Methods for Constrained Optimal Feedback Control Subject to ODE, DAE and PDE, especially Real-Time and Multi-Level Iterations for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

  • Numerical Methods for State and Parameter Estimation including Real-Time and Multi-Level Iterations for Moving Horizon Estimation

  • Optimum Experimental Design for ODE, DAE and PDE

  • Indirect and Direct Solution Methods for Nonlinear Mixed-Integer Optimal Control Problems

Applications in Industry and Various Domains in Science, Humanities and Engineering such as

  • Flight Dynamics and Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering

  • Robotics and Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical and Power Engineering

  • Chemistry, Chemical and Process En­gineering

  • Systems Biology, Biotechnology, Medical Applications, e.g., Orthopedics, Immunology

  • Computational Methods for the Cultural Heritage


Editorial Work

Co-editor of Springer book series: "Mathematics in Industry" (with F. de Hoog, A. Fried- man, A. Gupta, A. Nachbin, A. Ozawa, W.R. Pulleyblank, T. Rusten, F. Santosa, J.K. Seo, A.-K. Tornberg), "Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences" (with W. Jäger, H.Knüpfer,O.Venjakob),and "Advances in Numerical Mathematics" (with W. Hackbusch, M. Luskin, R. Rannacher). Co-editor of scientific journals: "Optimization and Engineering", "Vietnam Journal of Mathematics", and "Journal of Mathematics in Industry" (all Springer).


Promotion of the Next Generation of Scientists

Over 100 Diploma or Master graduate students, 55 completed PhDs as principal supervisor.
20 of the former doctoral students and postdocs now hold positions as professors at universities in Germany and abroad.



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