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Open Positions

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Hans Georg Bock

Address: Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR),
Heidelberg University,
INF 205,
69120 Heidelberg, Germany
Georg Bock
0049 6221 54 14 614
0049 6221 54 14 629
email: SciCom@IWR.Uni-Heidelberg.De
Consultation hours: by appointment only

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Curriculum Vitae

2011-present Initiator and Chairman, national Committee for Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization (KoMSO) at the Federal Ministry of Education and Science
2011-present Vice Scientific Director, Heidelberg Graduate School of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences
2008-present Chairman, Program Panel "Neue Mathematik für Innovationen in Industrie und Dienstleistungen" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
2007-present Vice-President, Administrative Council, Cambodian Mathematical Society
2007-present Consultant, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Cambodia
2007-2011 Initiator and Founding Director, Heidelberg Graduate School of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences
2005-2016 Managing Director of the IWR
2002-present CDC-EMS ''Committee for Developing Countries'' of the European Mathematical Society (member responsible for Asia)
2001-present Chairman, International PhD Research Training Program "Complex Processes: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization", Heidelberg-Warsaw
1999-present Head, Technology Transfer Center "Simulation and Optimization", Heidelberg
1995-2006 Chairman, "Association for Mathematics in Industry and Research"
1994-2000 Co-Initiator and Project Leader, National Collaborative Research Program (SPP) "Real-Time Optimization of Large Systems"
1993-2001 Chairman, PhD Research Training Program "Modeling and Scientific Computing in Mathematics and the Sciences", Heidelberg
1993-2004 Vice Managing Director of IWR
1991-2004 Co-Initiator and Project Leader, Collaborative Research Center "Reactive Flow, Diffusion and Transport" (SFB 359), Heidelberg
1991-present Full Professor (C4) at the IWR, University of Heidelberg
1988-1991 Full Professor (C3) for Applied Mathematics, University of Augsburg
1987-1988 Visiting Professor for Numerical Mathematics, University of Heidelberg
1986 Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, University of Bonn
1985-1987 Researcher, SFB 256 "Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations", Bonn
1982-1985 Mathematical Consultant for Industry, Commerce and Research Institutions
1981-1982 Researcher, German Aerospace Establishment (DLR), Oberpfaffenhofen

Research interests

  • Adaptive Discretization and Approximate Newton Type Methods for Large-Scale Optimization
  • Simultaneous or One-Shot Methods for DAE and PDE Constrained Nonlinear Optimization and Optimal Control Problems
  • Real-Time Computation of Constrained Closed-Loop Control Problems Subject to DAE and PDE
  • Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
  • Numerical Methods for State and Parameter Estimation, and Optimum Experimental Design for DAE and PDE
  • Numerical Methods for DAE
  • Nonlinear Mixed-Integer Dynamic Optimization
  • Optimization under Uncertainty
  • Non-Standard Optimization and Optimal Control Problems such as Stability Optimization of Gait Patterns
  • Applications in Aerospace, Mechanical and Biomechanical Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Systems Biology and Biomedical Applications
  • Computational Methods for the Cultural Heritage


  • 90 completed diploma theses
  • 48 completed PhD dissertations
  • 2 completed bachelor theses
  • 16 of the former PhD students or postdocs are now
    university professors in Germany or abroad

Offers, Honors and Awards

  • Honorary Doctorate of the Russian Academy of Science (2012)
  • European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Investigator Grant,
    with S. Engell, Dortmund (2011)
  • Elected Member of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences (2009)
  • Medal of Honor, Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz Foundation (2008)
  • Microsoft Research Award (2004)
  • Medal of Merit, Ministry for Education and Training, Vietnam (2003)
  • Honorary Doctorate of the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (2000)
  • Offer for chair at the University of Cologne (1998), not realized
  • Offer for chair at the University of Stuttgart (1995), not realized
  • GEFFRUB Award (1986)
  • Heinrich Hörlein Memorial Award (1986)
  • Felix Hausdorff Memorial Award (1984)

Grants and Cooperations (since 2004)

  • DFG SPP1253 Optimization with PDE:
    Optimal Control of Periodic Adsorption Processes (2006-2009),
    with D. Ager and S. Engell.
  • DFG SPP1253 Optimization with PDE:
    Optimal Control of Periodic Adsorption Processes (2009-2012),
    with S. Engell and S. Sager.
  • DFG: Optimization-based control of chemical engineering processes (2003-2009),
    with F. Allgöwer, M. Diehl, W. Marquardt and J. P. Schlöder.
  • DFG: Numerische Algorithmen für Schätzung auf Bewegten Horizonten
    und Nichtlineare Modellprädiktive Regelung unter Unsicherheiten
    (2012-2014), with J. P. Schlöder.
  • DFG: Heidelberg Graduate School
    of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences
    (GSC 220/1) (2007-2012).
  • DFG: International Research Training Group
    "Complex Processes: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization"
    (GRK 710) (2001-2010).
  • DAAD: Partnership with universities in developing countries:
    Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam (1997-2007).
  • Daimler-Benz Foundation:
    South-East Asia Network for Scientific Computing (since 2003).
  • State of Baden-Württemberg:
    Numerical methods for modeling and diagnosis of biosystems (2005-2006),
    with E. Kostina and R. Rannacher.
  • State of Baden-Württemberg:
    Open-loop stable motion of walking and running robots (2003-2006),
    with K. Mombaur.
  • BMBF:Non-standard problems of optimal control
    in chemistry and biotechnology (2001-2004),
    with J. P. Schlöder.
  • BMBF: Non-linear model predictive control
    of discontinuous processes in chemical engineering (2004-2007),
    with J. P. Schlöder.
  • BMBF: Numerische Optimierungsverfahren für Parameterschätzung
    und den Entwurf optimaler Experimente (2007-2010),
    with A. Griewank, E. Kostina, J. P. Schlöder and G. Wozny.
  • BMBF: Parameterschätzung und optimale Versuchsplanung
    für nichtlineare instationäre Prozesse der Industrie
    unter Unsicherheiten und Echtzeitbedingungen
    (2010-2013), with J. P. Schlöder, E. Kostina, A. Schreieck, W. Kowalsky.
  • BMBF FORSYS: Viroquant-Projekt (2008-2010),
    with R. Eils and J. P. Schlöder.
  • EU: PREDIMOT - Model predictive control of combustion engines (2005-2007),
    with M. Diehl.
  • EU (Erasmus-Mundus/EMMA): An International Academic Exchange Programme
    with 7 EU Universities and 8 Asian Universities in
    Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Philippines and Pakistan (since 2009).
  • EU: ERC Advanced Investigator Grant
    "Model-Based Optimizing Control - from a Vision to Industrial Reality" (2012-2017),
    with S. Engell
  • EU: EMBOCON - Embedded Optimization for Control (2010-2012),
    with S. Sager and J. P. Schlöder.
  • ESA: Gauss-Newton method
    with relaxation for initial orbit determination (2005-2008),
    with E. Kostina and J. P. Schlöder.
  • Helmholtz Association: Systems Biology,
    SB Cancer (2008-2010),
    with R. Eils and J. P. Schlöder.
  • Industry (Daimler): Energy-optimal truck driving (2007-2010),
    with J. P. Schlöder.
  • Industry (Microsoft Research): Development of a computational platform
    for modeling and model validation of signal transduction (2005-2006),
    with R. Eils.
  • Industry (BASF): Numerical methods
    for model discrimination in nonlinear differential equations (2007-2009),
    with J. P. Schlöder.
  • Industry (BASF): Junior Research Group
    "Numerical methods for optimum experimental design in partial differential equations" (2008-2014),
    with J. P. Schlöder.
  • Industry (Daimler): Parameter estimation and design
    of optimum acceleration profiles to avoid power train oscillations (2006-2007),
    with M. Diehl.
  • NGO (World Monument Fund): Reconstruction of the Phnom Bakheng Temple
    and Development of a Computer Model of the Preah Khan Temple (2005-2007).
  • NGO (Global Heritage Fund): Restauration and Reconstruction
    of the Banteay Chhmar Temple (since 2008).


This PDF contains a list of publications: Bock_Publications_01_2018.pdf.

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